Friday, November 9, 2007

Over 2,200 DCU graduates attend the university graduation ceremonies

News Headlines

More than 2,200 students received their degrees from Dublin City University during graduation ceremonies on the 5 to 6 November 2007. Among those to graduate from DCU were five top GAA stars who took part in the University team which won the Sigerson Cup - the top Third Level GAA football competition - in 2006. The five are alumni of DCU's Sports Academy which is Ireland's leading sports training facility for elite athletes. Ross Munnelly, MSc in Education and Training Management, of Laois, Michael Savage, BA in Economics, Politics and Law, of Dublin, Paul Casey, BSc in Sport Science and Health, of Dublin, Owen Lennon, BSc in Sport Science and Health, of Monaghan and Vincent Corey, MSc in Education and Training Management, of Monaghan.

The Chancellor’s Medals where also presented during the ceremonies. Cross-country athlete Fionnuala Britton and, scientist, Barry Ryan, both recent graduates, won this prestigious award. This award is made to individual students who have achieved not just academic excellence, but who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment and dedication to non-academic aspects of third-level education.

Fionnuala, who graduated with a first class honours from Sport Science and Health, was highly commended during the ceremony on her ‘steely determination to succeed at the highest levels in both her academic and sporting life’ and her selfless contribution to a variety of social and charitable organizations.

Barry, who was awarded his PhD in Biotechnology in March returned for the presentation, to hear a generous personal tribute. ‘Barry is a well-rounded character whose achievements and contributions are not confined to the laboratory bench. Barry is someone who gets on with, and respects, everybody. He is highly esteemed by all who know him.’

Thursday, November 8, 2007

At a Glance!

Welcome to My Album

At First Thanks to Allmighty Allah Who gave me this strength to come at this stage.

There are many individuals who have assisted me during the present work. I would like to thank you all.

In particular, I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Dr. Joseph Stokes of the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in Dublin City University, for his unceasing enthusiasm, interest, constructive criticism and practical hand on assistance with HVOF thermal spray system and for putting up with me over the years. His expertise, availability to discuss ideas and willingness to give his knowledge were instrumental in the completion of this thesis. I owe him much gratitude.

I will be forever indebted to Professor M. S. J. Hashmi (Head of School) who not only funded my project but also supported and supervised me unstintingly. Without his support and encouragement this research would not have been done.

I would like to thank the academic staff for any help they gave me over the course of my work, especial thanks to Dr. Dermot Brabazon. I am especially grateful to Michael Tyrrell, Liam Domnican, Keith Hickey, Jim Barry, Eoin Touhy, Alan Meehan, Michael May and Chris Crouch for their technical support, inspiration and discussions throughout this work, and the secretarial staff for their help. I wish to thank all of my fellow postgraduate students within Dublin City University and elsewhere, for their support and friendship; especial thanks to Dr. Mahbub Hasan and Mr. Shariar hasan.

I am grateful to School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, DCU, without whose support this project would not have been made possible.

Special thanks are due to my parents for their endless support during my studies, without which I may not come at this stage.I am also thanksful to my family. My sincere thanks to Halima Akter, for her love, affection, care and encouragement during the last few years; it has been much appreciated.

My Thesis Title is:
Design and Development of a Powder mixing Device used in the deposition of high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) Thermal Spray Functionally Graded coatings

Just After the Convocation Ceremony (Dinner Time)

DCU President-07

Dr. Joseph Stokes and Me

Although I was Happy;I missed my parents too much!